Danny Rivers, CSCS, CES

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Danny has been with the Advanced Movement Studio since 2011. His passion for health and fitness stems from his collegiate wrestling days as a Badger. He continues competing and remains active with endurance events. Today, his knowledge and experience with athletics promotes and maintains proper fundamental movement patterns in all of his clients. Correcting movement patterns and preventing injuries allows his clients to live a healthier lifestyle. Continued education for Danny and his clients at AMS promotes a proactive, happy and successful fitness plan.

Danny is the owner of Team Rivers Fitness,

Team Rivers Fitness (TRF) is welcome to any one interested in participating in a fitness event. Within TRF you will find information on upcoming events and support during your event training. How do you join? There is no fee for TRF. All you need to do is wear Rivers Fitness apparel to as you train and/or race. Together, we train with a purpose.

Train Happy. Be Happy.