We are pleased and excited to bring a new program to the Fox Valley.  We have worked with several business partners on a Lunch 'N Burn program that puts a whole new spin on client lunches.  With great success we are now offering this program to Fox Valley local businesses and Keen partnership programs.  

Why just take your client out to lunch?  Why not get a great workout in with us before lunch and then discuss your business.  Chances are great that the meeting will be energized.  We can even cater in the food for you!

Here is a great reason to join us for a Lunch 'N Burn.  

Now through the summer, all Lunch 'N Burn workouts will be priced at single rates.  

Really trying to relax or impress a client?  You can also add massage and private yoga to your lunch. 

Call 920-209-1662 or email us at info@amithestudio.com to book your Lunch 'N Burn.