At AMS we have a unique approach to Physical Therapy. We treat each patient with 100% individual, hands-on care which translates into a more comprehensive treatment plan. This care gives you quicker results and higher productivity. 

Physical Therapy can be used in conjunction with corrective exercises, massage and yoga. The AMS advantage in health and fitness is found in our continuum of care for musculoskeletal pain management and prevention.

Orthopedic Screening and Evaluation

Injury Prevention

As important as rehabbing an injury, a dysfunction or a surgery is preventing any of these from occurring. This process can be made significantly more efficient by using an evidence based system that has research to back it, so much so that it is currently being used by our military and multiple professional sports teams. Essentially this standardized process that assesses functional movements will tell you not only how much greater your chance of injury is if you compete in sports or continue your current job demands, but it will compare you to anyone else in the world that has performed this same test for optimal data reporting. We can provide you with objective numbers of your results, and then take the necessary steps to address any potential concerns so that your risk for injury is diminished. Let our knowledge of the program "Move2Perform" help you reach a higher health so that you can stay on top of your game! And remember, just because you're pain-free doesn't mean you are dysfunction-free.  

What are the benefits of Move2Perform testing?

-Backed by research

-Clear decision for return to sport/work/activity

-Prevent sports injuries

-Objective reports that give concrete evidence for decision making

-Easily administered on site or in group settings

-Pre-participation testing


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