Without a doubt, what you eat and when you eat affects your athletic performance.  By wisely selecting your sports diet, you can become stronger, train harder and thereby compete better.  

The best foods to fuel your muscles are carbohydrates, the natural sugars and starches found in vegetables, fruits, grains, dried beans and legumes.  Your muscles store only carbohydrates, not protein or fat, in a form of sugar called glycogen.  During hard exercise, your muscles burn this glycogen for energy.  When you deplete your glycogen stores, as happens if you eat too few grains, fruits and vegetables during repeated days of hard training, you can end up feeling needlessly fatigued.  Carbohydrates are a better source of fuel than protein.  Protein is needed for muscle growth and repair, and it is critical that athletes eat enough, but it should not be the basis of a healthy sports diet.

Advanced Movement Studio's registered dietitian, Shana Hussin, can meet with you individually, as a family, or with your sports team to ensure you are properly fueling to compete at and feel your best.  She can help you with topics such as carb, protein and calorie needs, pre-workout and recovery foods, fluid requirements, supplements and engineered foods, and sports nutrition meal and snack ideas.  Shana will individually assess your current intake, and provide you with a winning sports nutrition plan!

Specific Services Include:

  • Individual and Family Consultation
  • Small Group Consultation
  • Team Talks (for athletic teams- High School, College or Club, elite athletes, athletic organizations, or casual exercisers)
  • Workshops and One-Time Presentations
  • Guest Speaking Appearances
  • Concession Stand Clean-Up