Yoga Body Bootcamp

We are excited to introduce our newest fitness class – Yoga Body Bootcamp!

This high-intensity, high-energy class combines the benefits of yoga with bootcamp-style fitness stations. Each class provides an ideal mix of cardio, strength and resistance, as well as the flexibility of yoga making it a total body workout. 

This 60-minute class starts with a rigorous vinyasa yoga warm up, peaks with bootcamp-style stations and finishes with deeper, cooling stretches. No two classes are the same, but all classes include stations to work the lower body, upper body, core, cardio and balance. Yoga is an integral part of the workout and is incorporated in many of the stations. Because you choose the intensity level of each movement, this class is for everyone.

Classes begin July 21st!

Mondays at 10 am and Wednesdays at 1 pm

Yoga Body Bootcamp is taught by Lauren Quella, a certified yoga instructor and NETA certified Personal Trainer. Lauren is sweet with a soft heart, but her challenging all-levels classes will knock your socks off! 

The Studio will also be offering personal yoga lessons. 

Contact us today to sign up for Yoga Body Bootcamp or yoga lessons!